Albuquerque Curb Cutting

Albuquerque Curb CuttingTo ensure that individuals can move on and off a sidewalk without difficulty curb cuts must be performed. Curb cuts can be created by using specialized machines that cut at precise angles along the curb. The main purpose of these machines is to cut horizontally along curbs to create ramps and driveway approaches. Sometimes ramps are scored with grooves of which may serve as a warning to the blind of the transition to the street. These grooves also allow for traction in slippery conditions. Therefore, our saws have attachments that can provide a quick easy solution to creating a safe curb.

Curb cutting is also the ideal technique for parapet wall removal when roads and bridges require widening or demolition. These specialized machines can cut walls flush to the surface eliminating the need for curb excavation. You can count on us for a precise smooth look.

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